The path to enlightenment isn’t one we take on our own.

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“We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

The bodhisattva is a being in Buddhism who, upon becoming enlightened, forgoes transcendence to stay on earth and guide others out of samsara and into nirvana. It is the ultimate selfless act, instead of following one’s own journey into absolute bliss the bodhisattva makes the realization that unless we are all liberated then we all remain in delusion. It reminds me of the Emma Lazarus quote, ‘Until we are all free, we are none of us free’.

Guilt, shame and relief are common emotions while grieving, yet as a culture, we continue to hide them from view.

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Society prefers to keep death and grief, in their true visceral form, out of view. We hold on to stoic visions of what grief should look like, one in which its true manifestations are kept behind closed doors, held for nights alone and experienced in solitude.

If harnessed, can anxiety actually help us live a more fulfilling life?

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‘One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star’.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Most of us have experienced anxiety at some point in our lives, whether it be the crippling extremes of agoraphobia or the nerves before meeting new people at a social event. In fact, as we begin to emerge from this period of social isolation it has been reported that more of the adult population are experiencing anxiety than are not.

Comparing Eastern and Western conceptions of freedom

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We live in an age of unfettered choice. Every impulse and desire can be fulfilled if you have the money. We buy and buy, never quite fulfilling the spiritual hole. Yet before we have a moment to sit with our discomfort we are being sold another gadget or product which we subconsciously believe will put an end to the nagging disquiet that lurks just out of view.

Does objective truth really exist and are we able to grasp it?

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Bob Dylan: “If I want to find out anything I’m not going to read Time Magazine. I’m not gonna read Newsweek. I’m not gonna read any of these magazines, I mean, ’cause they just got too much to lose by printing the truth, you know that.”

Interviewer: “What kind of truths do they leave out?”

Bob Dylan: “On anything! Even on a world-wide basis. They’d just go off the stands in a day if they printed really the truth.”

Interviewer: “What is really the truth?”

Bob Dylan: “Really the truth is just a plain picture.”

- Time Magazine 1965


Lessons in writing with heart from the ‘laureate of American lowlife’

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I fell in love with Bukowski’s writing as a teenager. I burned through his novels, inspired by the unfiltered rawness of his prose, his ability to communicate so much with such little fluff. Depicting his experiences on skid row and his suburban American childhood, Bukowski’s novels didn’t feel ‘well researched’ or ‘beautifully written’ they felt uncompromisingly real. You felt like you had direct access to his mind, free from the normal filtration process that most authors subject themselves to. Bukowski unashamedly bore all: shadows, addictions, crimes and the multitude of human experiences that could be indulged in downtown LA.

How the mainstream medical industry is embracing the stigmatised substances of the 60s.

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I remember my first psychedelic experience. I was in my late twenties regularly experiencing bouts of depression, drinking most days and losing myself in anxiety and purposelessness.

A look at what we’ve lost and how we can reconnect.

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There’s a common consensus that society progresses. We face blips and setbacks, but it’s generally assumed that overall quality of life increases the further we move along our historical timeline.

A unifying principle to take on the 1%.

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It has always amazed me that the white working class so often identify with and vote for politicians that have lived lives so far removed from their own experience.

How to stop seeking answers from others and become your own guru

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Go on to social media on any given day and there will be a cavalcade of psychologists, yoga teachers, and life coaches prescribing solutions to your problems. From spotting narcissism or toxicity in our partners and friends to sure-fire steps to ensuring the healthiest, most productive life possible.

Josh Chandler Morris

A jeweller by day, wanting a space to share my love of philosophy, poetry and literature.

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